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I took away a part of you for myself

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Just a quick parallel between the two

Pairing up little similarities. I thought it interesting that they can be found, not only in dialogues, but in the background theme as well, Yakuza/Police theme. (Their looks, too?)
Imagining an AU in which they all, somehow, know each other. Hmm…
(Oh, but have I already mentioned how I love the emphatic S in NightS?! Because it could have been just the night, but… well, it wasn’t.)

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When it comes to Yashiro, Doumeki is keen and outspoken.

 He was considered as soft in the head and no good at speaking, useless at the money lender’s office, so either he has matured, Yashiro is that special, or both. He observed Yashiro kicking Nanahara and joking with Kageyama in the hospital, but seemed to be immersed in deep thought in the car. He probably sensed Yashiro’s change in attitude, and figured that Kage must be the “only human being” Yashiro fell for.

 When Doumeki’s question hit the bull’s eye, Yashiro’s mask seemed to have shattered. He could have ignored the question, but instead, he just left the room, admitting it without saying so. He also made it clear that he doesn’t want to discuss this subject with Doumeki any further. 

 In my interpretation, Y is not fully certain about his emotion towards D. Although I don’t think it is love at this point, but he holds a special attachment to the big guy. Perhaps Y’s broken heart for Kageyama is healing fast because of having D by his side.

 Y’s self analysis reveals that it was more about not wanting D to mention the subject, than wanting to avoid the subject itself. My imagination tells me that although Y never discussed his private life with Kage, Y was yearning for such attention. So when D brought the subject, Y was glad to have someone interested into his inner life (although reluctant to have anyone probe beyond his comfort zone). As he later says, D is one of the few good things that has happened to him.*sobs*

 Y’s emotion to D has started to change its form, starting around here. The “maybe a kiss on the cheek” scene follows, which “may be closest to a love scene” according to Yoneda Sensei.

I’m probably not the only one hoping the complicated emotions of the main characters to untangle soon, and crystallize into love. Wonder when we can witness such a moment (^^;  


the babes//

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Yoneda Sensei’s firts draft with caption on Saezuru volume 2.

She normally draws these drafts directly on the drawing paper, but some times she draws them on a notebook. At this point, the draft is for herself only, and cleans it for the discussion with the editor, but it won’t change much. She is surprised how the editor can understand from something like this.

I added an excerpt of this passage where Nanahara criticize Doumeki for Yashiro being shot. I can see that she kept the main points, shifted around the order of things, emphasized some points etc. It really is amazing, that the simple draft conveys a similar feel as the final product.

It’s always interesting to see the steps on how Yoneda Sensei develops her idea into a great work. Great plot, thought-out draft, and beautiful artwork all adds up to her extraordinary work. Ah! I miss reading a new Saezuru chapter so much(><)



Kutsuna Satoru - Dear Mr. Rain
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Artist & Illustrator:

T. Dylan Moore


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The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.
- Ernest Hemingway (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
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sharing a scan of the bonus paper of Soredemo Yasashii Koi wo Suru. it’s a freebie when you order the tankoubon from Comi-Comi. ^^


onoda & deguchi (the world in colour side story, yoneda kou)

I liked these characters more than the mains, but that might be a Pavlovian response to blond/brunette pairs….

The Secret World of arrietty
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